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Now arriving in Playa Vista

Where luxury living well is a way of life.

Designed to strike the perfect balance of life, play, and work, this 1.3 square-mile community of residences, companies, shopping / dining corridors, parks, open spaces, and preserved wetlands brings new meaning to well-rounded living.

Nature Preserve

With 51 acres dedicated to its own freshwater wetlands system, Playa Vista was chartered with a commitment to restore and preserve the natural habitat and wildlife of the Bollona Wetlands. Today, the community’s marshes and open spaces are home to 180 bird species and thousands of native trees, shrubs, and grasses.

Small town vibe

This quiet community surrounded by the thrum of LA’s west side gives you everything a home town should: its own elementary school, LA County Library branch, medical center, fire station, police station, and farmers’ market.

Playa Vista Parks

More than anything else, the parks at Playa Vista are its unifying force. There are 19 to explore, each with its own character: Watch concerts and evening movies on the lawn at Concert Park. Get a peek into the avian world at Spyglass Park. Let your dog run off-leash at Longwood Park. If there’s a mood you’re in, chances are there’s a park to suit it.

Free Daily Shuttle

To make traversing Playa Vista and the surrounding areas simple, a free daily shuttle operates throughout and between Playa Vista and Venice Beach.

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