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Vanguard Vision

Once the private airport of Howard Hughes, RUNWAY has been a home of innovation since 1940.

Hughes transformed this area into a breeding ground for aeronautic innovation. For more than 50 years, this is where the Hughes Aircraft Company manufactured helicopters, missiles, satellites, and planes, including the H-4 Hercules (a.k.a. Spruce Goose), which still holds the record as the world’s largest aircraft.

Vintage Plane

At rightAbove: The Lockheed L‑049 Constellation, commissioned by Howard Hughes for TWA, changed the face of passenger air travel with interior-cabin pressurization that made it the first aircraft to fly above the clouds and avoid turbulent weather.

Hughes’ pioneering spirit lives on today at RUNWAY, the social core of Playa Vista, a thriving and intimate community of homes, creative offices, stores, restaurants, parks, and preserved wetlands.

92% of the materials recovered from the decommissioning of the former Hughes Aircraft plant have been recycled as new roadbeds and other building materials.
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